Most important information about the progymnasium

Kaunas Martynas Mažvydas progymnasium is a state budgetary institution.Its founder is Kaunas City Municipality.Its type – progymnasium, teaching language – Lithuanian. Code 190138176
The Progymnasium provides preschool (from 6 years), primary and first level secondary education
( Forms 1-8 ). Its aim is to ensure opportunities for every student to seek its personal progress and better learning results.It also wants students to gain life-long learning competences while paying attention to civil, social and cultural development of the personality. Also very big attention is given to recognition of gifted students and development of their individual skills. The progymnasium uses a lot of inovative technologies. At the moment there are 20 classes, 471 students. There are 72 working people, among them 50 are teachers. The Progymnasium is led by principal Jūratė Pauliukienė.
Requests for learning can be sent electronically via Kaunas City Municipalityinformation system or coming to the Progymnasium office during week days from 8:00 to 16:30

Šiaurės per. 55, LT-49202, Kaunas
Tel: ( 837 ) 312049
E-mail address :
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Office working hours:
I – V 8:00 -12:00 , 12:30 – 16:30